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What We Do

Launch Control Productions has documented hundreds of rocket launches, critical hardware processing, mission control activities etc...No mission or launch is too big or small for our crew and camera capabilities.

Where We've Worked:

We have shot on launch pads, in clean rooms, in vacuum chambers, on tarmacs, on ships, in deserts and even in the arctic!

Safety Comes First:

No location is too remote or too difficult for us! We have extensive safety training for dangerous environments, use of PPE and have years of experience accessing many restricted areas.

The Full Package:

We can help you with Scriptwriting and Storyboarding for your projects. For Animation and Graphics We have teamed up with Deb Catalano at for any motion graphic or animation needs for your project.

Some of Our Specialties:

Motion Control Time lapse photography, Drone cinematography, 120 frames per second slow motion cinematography are all a part of what we do.

The Equipment We Use:

We have 8K, 4K, UHD, 1080 and 360 imaging capabilities. Triggering cameras remotely over Fiber optic and Ethernet with our custom designed blast proof camera enclosures are available.

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